Hipotronics Connection

´╗┐Hipotronics, Inc. is the world's leading full-line manufacturer of high voltage test equipment and measurement instrumentation. Unlike some suppliers who only assemble equipment, Hipotronics is vertically integrated and manufactures most of its own HV components, including transformers, capacitors, switches, output terminations, bushings, and metalwork. This allows superior quality and the shortest possible lead times on custom products.

Featured Products

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Hipotronics H301B

The H301B AC/DC Hipot Tester performs AC Hipot testing, DC Hipot testing, and resistance measurement. Features include a two-range kV meter, adjustable voltage control, fault …

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Hipotronics CBT8

The CBT8 Circuit Breaker Test Set provides up to 8 contacts per phase, opto-isolated (each contact consisting of 1 main and 2 resistor interrupters in …

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Hipotronics H306B

Hipot / Ground Tester The 300 Series AC/DC Hipot and Megohmmeter is an accurate bench type instrument designed to perform insulation tests on all types of …

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Hipotronics 805-200

The 805-200 High Voltage DC Power Supply is rated 5 kV @ 200 mA. It is an air insulated unit. Output Connected Triple Range Voltage Meter Triple …

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Hipotronics 2293

The Tettex 2293 winding resistance meter is the result of extensive research and years of experience testing transformers. It incorporates a fast and highly advanced …

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Hipotronics TTR 2796

A close collaboration with major transformer manufacturers has lead to the new Tettex 2796 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter. The Transformer Test Equipment instrument combines mobility …

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Hipotronics TTR 2795

The result of our close collaboration with worldwide TTR users and industry specialists in power and distribution transformers is this advanced instrument with its unbeaten …